Frequently Asked Questions

A variety of questions asked, Mallika City's team would like to gather questions - answers here.

  • Q: Can I wear my own Thai dresses?

    A: Of course, you do not need to rent Mallika's costume. Thai costume from any era is welcome. However, it is recommended that loincloth and breast cloth will match most with the surrounding atmosphere.

  • Q: What includes in the price of Thai Costume?

    Women :
    200 THB : breast cloth, loincloth, belt, accessories and umbrella
    300 THB : blouse (Rama 5 style) with decoration cloth, loincloth, belt, accessories and umbrella
    Men :
    100 THB : Chinese jacket, loincloth and Sash
    300 THB: Raj Pattern shirt and loincloth
    Children :
    50 THB : round-necked sleeveless blouse and loincloth for girls, Chinese jacket and loincloth for boys

  • Q: Are you open every day and what are the hours?

    A: Open daily, 9.00 – 20.00 hrs.

  • Q: Is it necessary to wear Thai costume?

    A: No, sir/madam. Daily wear is good too

  • Q: Is the performance showing daily and at what time?

    A: The performance is only for the guests whose tickets include dinner, 18.00-20.00 hrs. except Tuesday. There are 5 shows, total duration is around 1.30 hrs.

  • Q: Where is Mallika City?

    A: Mallika City is located at the entrance of Muang Singh Castle, next to Bangchak gas station, Singh sub-district, Saiyok district, Kanchanaburi province. 32 km. away from the city center. If you are using google navigation, please follow this link

  • Q: Is there a special price for group reservation?

    A: Please contact 034 540884-6 or email :

  • Q: How to get to Mallika City by public bus?

    A: Take a public van or bus, Kanchanaburi - Bangkok, to Kanchanaburi transport station. Then transfer to Saiyoke-Thong Pha Phum-Sangkla Bus or Kanchanaburi - Sangkha van to Mallika (32 km.), next to Bangchak gas station, at the entrance to Muang Singh Castle. If by train, get off at Tha Kilen or Tam Kra Sae (If you want to pass the death curve). Then, hire a local car to Mallika City.

  • Q: What are the tickets price after the promotion?

    Adults THB 250 / Children THB 120 for one day pass ticket
    Adults THB 700 / Children THB 350 for one day pass+dinner+performance

  • Q: What is the age of children for children price?

    A: Children over 80 cm of height are free of charge / between 80-120 cm, children price / over 120 cm. adults price.

  • Q: Is the price for Siamese and foreigner the same?

    A: Yes, they are.

  • Q: Does Mallika City have accommodation?

    A: Unfortunately not, the closest 4 accommodations are 
    1.Kwai Noi River Park 0-2800-6744-5, 08-1314-454 2
    2.Sai Tarn Aiyara 091-871-3663,091-792-7117, 034-532-031
    3.Baan Rim Kwai – Pae Nam Resort 034-561052, 034-561429, 081-9440657
    4.Kam Sad River Kwai Resort 02-164-1001-7, 02-673-3109

  • Q: From Mallika City to the accommodation, if I do not have private vehicle, will the city provide transfer?

    A: Kindly contact your respective accommodation. Mallika City is yet to have transfer service.

  • Q: Is advanced reservation compulsory for dinner and performance package?

    A: Advanced reservation is recommended at 034 540884-6 or e-mail : (12 hours in advance to prevent missing out)

  • Q: Is advanced reservation compulsory for dinner and performance package?

    A: Advanced reservation is recommended at 034 540884-6 or e-mail : (12 hours in advance to prevent missing out)

  • Q: Do you have plus size for women Thai costume?

    A: Our Thai costumes are breast cloth and loincloth of various colors. Size is adjustable and there will be staff to take care of the dressing.

  • Q: Can we use Mallika City as our pre-wedding location?

    A: Mallika City allows the use of our location from 1 December 2016, only for a pre-wedding with Thai costume. Additional fee will be applied, please contact our Sales department at 034 540884-6 or e-mail :

  • Q: Do pets allow?

    A: Pets are not allow in Mallika City.